Stop it, liberals

I’m really disappointed with liberals this week. Actually, I’ve been disappointed with liberals for awhile, but everything came to a head for me this week. In case you missed it, Bill Maher said “nigger” on his show and the internet exploded.

Here’s what he said:

Ben Sasse: “You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”

Bill Maher: “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger.”

Cue the demands that HBO fire him.

DeRay McKesson, BLM activist, tweeted: “But really, @BillMaher has got to go. There are no explanations that make this acceptable.”

Chance the Rapper tweeted: “Please HBO Do Not Air Another Episode Of Real Time With Bill Maher.”

This is exactly what’s wrong with liberalism at this moment in history. This is exactly why the other side doesn’t take us seriously, and why we lose independent voters. The left has abandoned issues of substance for identity politics. Ironically, this is a point Maher has made over and over again on his show.

The republican party is taking away your healthcare, fucking up the climate, destroying our education system, and Trump is under investigation. Meanwhile, liberals are trying to get one of their own fired for making a tasteless joke.

The joke itself is stupid. But it doesn’t make Maher himself a racist. Maher uses his show to give a platform to movements like BLM. Maher himself would be the first one to support legislation that helps minorities. Maher is outspoken in his support for the many things that the very people calling for his firing also support.

The right doesn’t let identity politics stop their agenda. The President of the United States admitted to sexually assaulting women. He blatantly made fun of a handicapped journalist. Of course what he said was wrong, but now he’s president and he gets to set the agenda for this country because conservative voters don’t give a shit about that stuff.

Meanwhile, in liberal land, things like single-payer healthcare, protecting the environment, voting rights–all of that is drowned out by incensed Twitter activists who steer the conversation away from issues toward microaggressions and trigger warnings.

Stop it.

If we had to fire every media personality who’s ever said or done something stupid, we’d have to fire pretty much everyone on TV and radio. It’s mind-boggling to me that liberals can let a joke take priority over every other issue on the docket.

“But the joke was racist!”

Fine, yes. But Maher arguably isn’t. Maher supports people like Killer Mike and Cornell West and Nina Turner and has had them on his show many times. He supports every piece of legislation that would help black people, like decriminalizing marijuana use (which disproportionately affects black men) and ending private prisons. This is the same guy who donated a million dollars to Obama’s re-election. You know, because he’s such a huge racist.

Because while liberals argue about whether the jokes that comedians tell are appropriate and which talking head should be fired, there are things detrimental to minorities happening right now: Gerrymandering. Voter ID laws. Rolling back the Voting Rights Act.

This is reaching such absurd levels that I’m hesitant to even all myself a liberal anymore, because liberalism has changed. It seems like the core principles of liberalism have been replaced by PC warriors patrolling every joke and phrase that politicians and pundits use.

Stop talking about racist jokes and start talking about racist legislation. Stop focusing on shit pundits say and start focusing on shit politicians say.





5 thoughts on “Stop it, liberals

  1. Well said Ryan. I can’t add much here. It was a stupid thing to say, but if we can’t analyze the body of evidence to show what Bill Maher actually represents, then we are no better off at reasoning than the Republicans. There are much bigger things at stake here certainly.

  2. I feel the same way about Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Atheists, Christians, Muslims etc as well. Everyone wants to be angry at something without focusing on big picture issues. I remember being taught everything liberal in school. A lot single-sided history. In the news…. mostly focusing on what he said/she said nonsense.
    This was a pretty low and stupid joke. Just like Kathy Griffith holding a bloodied dummy head of Donald Trump. Or crazy racists doing the same about Obama. This does not perpetuate the belief in intellectual discussions. Unfortunately, Maher, Maddow, Mathews, Hanity, Oriely…..all of them, do not spread information very well. This also includes satire-based shows or supposedly more serious satire like John Oliver. Too many Americans get their information from these types of shows usually stick to their proposed facts. You may have the belief that is conservatives who hold the “intolerant and full of bigotry” award but liberals are far worse. Liberals are more likely to end the discussion with “you’re a this or that” or “you don’t care about poor people” etc because they don’t want to hear it. Conservatives can do the same as well as libertarian-minded people. Half of my friends that I know supported Bernie Sanders and/or Clinton and about a third supported Trump. I criticized the hell out of Trump and Sanders. The only people that were angry with me (and on facebook as well) were liberals. All of my friends that are conservative were a bit more on point and willing to hear another point of view.
    Maher I don’t think is a racist as well. He just said something that included a racist word and should be held accountable for his words. But still…..there is a growing problem with several sides of the political isle that are quick to accuse, boycott, ban, hate etc. Although what Maher said was pretty shitty. Even Ann Coulter, the most biased conservative and shit-thrower from the right side, refuses to say that word.
    One thing that would help Americans (and the rest of the worlds) is to pay attention to facts. Critical thinking only goes so far, especially if you only know a tiny bit of information that is single-sided.
    For me, I have been a part of both worlds. Once a Portland Liberal turned moderate conservative and now…. don’t like any of it. It helped me to grow with knowledge. Going from Howard Zinn and Chomskey to Hayek, Sowell and Horowitz.
    Most of this nonsense stems from online information and facebook type of crap.
    Intelligence Squared is good website/media outlet that focuses only on evidence from several points of view. One of their most famous debates was “Do liberals stifle free speech on college campuses” or something. Even a few liberals argued on the side in favor that it was true. It is true. Liberals certainly stifle free speech on campus and even in the media outlets. Even against their own. Maher is just another asshole with his own tv show. Just like the rest of them. Left or right, it doesn’t matter.
    I don’t like it when people are racist or say racist words. However, I would rather have someone be open and honest about their thoughts than simply hide it. I’ve debated racists before and its really difficult to choke down what they say. I had a neighbor that did not like African-Americans, Catholics, Jews or Republicans. It was scary but towards the end before I moved out, he seemed a little more tolerant towards me….finding out much later that I had African-American friends, was going to a Catholic church (at the time) etc.
    I even lived with someone that was communist. You can only learn from people who you disagree with the most.
    Biased online news is spreading ignorance, plain and simple.

    1. I find myself falling more and more into the “screw all of it” camp. And I absolutely agree that people should stop getting their news from paid entertainers and social media. Maher is really the only talking head I watch, and the only reason I prefer his show is because he actually has conservatives on his show to give their thoughts, unlike people like Maddow or Oreily who just sit behind a desk and spew.

      The one thing I disagree with you on is that liberals are more likely to personally attack you than conservatives. While I think both sides are full of their own different types of intolerance, I can’t tell you how many people have called me a ‘libtard’ or that I have to be mentally ill in order to be a liberal. I think part of the problem is that social media and msnbc and fox etc have created these bubbles where people feel pumped up by the echo chamber so they just take a dump on everyone else.

      You’re correct, you can only learn from people you disagree with. That’s why I agree that college campuses are bullshit nowadays.

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