The protest condundrum

Well, over a million people marched in protest of President Donald Trump yesterday. And while I definitely agree with the protesters and their messages, I couldn’t help but think of one thing as I watched the coverage on the news:

Where the hell was all of this during the election?

If all of those protesters had poured as much energy and organization into the election, I would bet that we wouldn’t be talking about president Donald Trump right now. So while I think the protests were totally awesome on one level, on another level it seems like it’s too late. Trump has already been sworn in and he’s sitting in the oval office right now.

Trump, Pence, and the republicans in congress probably don’t give a rat’s ass about the protests because they already won and protests aren’t going to change that.

But that kind of activity probably could have changed the outcome of the election. Of that I have very little doubt. This past election suffered from pretty low voter turnout. People just weren’t excited about Donald and Hillary, so they stayed home.


But imagine if all of these people who protested had mobilized in a similar way before the election. Imagine if they worked that hard to drum up more excitement for voting. The outcome probably would have been different. Imagine if they’d all worked that hard to ensure that he didn’t get elected in the first place. These protests should have started the moment Trump won his party’s nomination, not after he took office.

There’s always 2020.


5 thoughts on “The protest condundrum

  1. Ryan, the protests have moved passed the elections. We are now mobilizing against the policies of the new administration. Just check out the latest on the White House official website, regarding its new policies. Our battle is only now beginning.

    1. I totally see the need to rally everyone against the policies set by the new administration. I just doubt they’ll actually listen. Most of them feel like the election was a mandate to run the country in a fundamentally conservative direction.

      While I support everyone who’s protesting and would encourage them to continue, I think moving forward we need to direct that energy into upcoming elections. That’s what the tea party did, and look how far it got them (for better or worse).

  2. As someone who votes every time, in every single election, no matter how small, I’m also mystified by the low voter turnout. I think there weren’t rallies like this before because nobody thought that Twitler actually had a chance of winning.

    There’s elections coming up in two years, and we can really change things if we stay focused and vote out a lot of the republican congressmen. But they can do a heck of a lot of damage before then.

    1. We talk about voting as a fundamental right, but our elections are on Tuesdays, when people work; we have ridiculous voter ID laws (pushed by conservatives). So many other countries have mandatory voting and make it a holiday so everyone can participate. I wish we were a little more like them.

      And Twitler. I am so using that!

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