Then why bother?

Captured this meme from that same Christian Scientist group on Facebook that I wrote about a little while back:


And Christians call atheists bleak and hopeless? Jesus H. Christ…

So that’s it then? Everyone is a failure, always and forever? Then why even bother doing anything? That’s a common claim you always hear leveled at atheists: “Well if there’s no purpose to anything, what’s the point of it all? Why not just kill yourself and end it?”

Well I might ask the same of Christianity. If you’re a flawed, imperfect being who will always fail at everything, then what’s the point? If people are doomed to fail at any endeavor, as this lovely meme would seem to suggest, then what’s the point in trying?

This is just more of the warped propaganda that religions like Christianity need to survive: if there isn’t anything wrong with you, you don’t need God, ergo they have to find some way to make you think you need Him. It’s all that ‘salvation’ bullshit they peddle, but this time it’s wrapped up in a warm looking platitude. Telling people they’re miserable failures and wretches in need of some good saving probably goes over a lot better a la “Hang in there, kitty” posters.

It’s a lovely repackaging or rebranding of that same rhetoric of old: you’re a sinner, you’re a horrible person, you’re wicked, etc. All you need is God. If you love God hard enough then all that failure and wickedness won’t matter!

Well if that’s the case, why not just spend literally every minute of your life sitting silently in a church loving God until you starve to death and fly off into heaven on a white stallion while angels play trumpets in the background? Because apparently there’s no point in doing anything else: it won’t make you less wicked, and now apparently it won’t even succeed.

So just stop trying.


4 thoughts on “Then why bother?

  1. The final sentence of your post, “So just stop trying,” is good advice. Anything we accomplish by our own efforts might bring about good that will last for a long time but not forever. Anyone who puts his faith in Christ and submits to his will has the power to do things that will have eternal results.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    If the only hope is t cram your head up some gods ass and beg forgiveness, fuck that! I’d rather learn from my mistakes, move on, and find a way to make it work.

    Nice post Mak.

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