If I hear ONE more thing about how dangerous vaccines are…

Saying that vaccines gave your child autism is the same thing as saying that since you bought a cup of coffee before you got into a car accident that it was the act of buying coffee that caused you to crash your car.

There’s no excuse not to vaccinate your child if they’re able to be vaccinated.



7 thoughts on “If I hear ONE more thing about how dangerous vaccines are…

  1. Fortunately these people didn’t exist some decades ago, and smallpox was erradicated after vaccination campaigns. Poliomyelitis is very rare in Western world nowadays, thanks to vaccination as well. I wonder if these people are trying to get a return of these and other diseases.

  2. But Jenny McCarthy said they cause autism!
    Doesn’t she know even less about being a doctor than Doctor Oz? We need to stop taking celebrities words on things without looking at the evidence. We really do.

  3. …but Big Pharma! and… and Monsanto! …and all the cool Hollywood dipshits think it causes autism!

    Wingnuts waxing on about things they have no knowledge of, and other wingnuts take them seriously.

    Discrediting Wakefields bogus study, retracting the paper, taking away his license to practice, was the easy part. Erasing the stupid from society at large has proven to be difficult.

  4. I never understood the big pharma argument. With the exception of the flu shot, you only get vaccinated once in your lifetime. It’s not as much of a cash cow as people think since, once you’ve completed the vaccine series, you’re usually immune for life.

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