Things to come in 2015

Rather than look behind at the year we’ve just left, I’m going to talk a little bit about what you guys can expect from me and from this blog in the coming year. The big theme? I’m expanding.

Specifically, I’m going to start podcasting! While I still have a lot of things to say with this blog, I feel like certain subjects lend themselves to discussion and broadcasting more. So I’ve been working on two podcasts that will be up and running shortly. One is for fun, and one is more serious. So without further ado, I’m pleased to bring you in 2015…

Orcs & Dorks. This is basically a podcast of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that my friends and I are running. You can listen to our adventures/shenanigans weekly as we let our imaginations loose and hone our role playing skills. As a companion to this podcast, we’ll also have a monthly podcast called Crits and Wits, which will explore our ideas, themes, and thoughts about the game we’re running. We already have about 10 hours of material recorded, so get ready.

For The Love of Science. I’m very excited out this one. This is the science podcast that I’m running with a few friends and colleagues. It’ll be a platform to promote and explore the scientific method, logic and reason, as well as discuss the latest scientific discoveries and their potential applications and philosophical implications. We plan to have a Facebook and Twitter presence for this one so people can interact with the show. And maybe we’ll even snag a few professionals and experts to appear on the podcast!

As we progress down the podcast road, I will keep all my WordPress friends and followers updated. Expect twitter handles and links in the near future!


8 thoughts on “Things to come in 2015

  1. I’ve never played dungeons and dragons, but I listened to Nerdpoker for a while and it’s fun to follow along like it’s a super long story. The Antimatters sounds awesome. I’ve been looking for more science podcasts. Any idea when they will be coming out?

  2. Three more podcasts for my feed! Awesome!
    I’ve never been a huge fan of DND. It feels too much like WoW on a tabletop to me, but I’ll still give it a listen. I’m kind of excited to listen to you guys taking on 4 enemies or so for 10 hours straight, though.
    Sounds like you’re gonna have fun this year, though. Here’s hoping mine will be, too.

    1. I started playing more or less as a way to hang out with my friends, who really got into it. There are a lot of aspects of the game I wound up enjoying, much to my surprise (in the past I probably would have eschewed such things).

      Here’s hoping you have a great year as well. Cheers!

  3. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I enjoyed a bit of D&D. I just don’t have the time anymore, or I’d have to reallocate the little time I do have for other things, and I just do not see that happening.

    I almost did a post on my new year aspirations, then let the notion slide. I fear this could be an indicator of some sort…

    Good luck with your endeavor!

  4. Any chance of merging the two topics for a special episode? Discuss the feasibility of genetically engineering a giant spider to guard my dungeon? Maybe a look back to early human ancestry for a race that most resembled orcs? Neanderthals?

    Always good to find more podcasts to listen to at work. Thanks.

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