What if…

I’ve been reading A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss (I left the book in my office, though, so I won’t be finishing it this weekend and posting about it). As I was reading it the other day, I had a sudden thought. It’s more poetry than science, but I think it’s still fun to imagine.


That’s what happens in the LHC, or Large Hadron Collider, when two particles accelerated close to the speed of light smash into each other. The very purpose of this whole machine is to better understand how our universe was made by recreating conditions similar to those at the beginning of the universe (or at least the universe as we know it). So if we’re recreating the conditions of the big bang and all of those elementary particles, what if…

…every time we did this we were creating a new universe?

I know it sounds fanciful, but we’re essentially creating a bunch of little big bang approximations in the LHC. What if each one of those resulted in a tiny universe? Sure, they only exist for a brief flicker of time–but that’s our time. Time in that new tiny universe might behave differently. Perhaps what amounts to only a fraction of a nanosecond for us amounts to trillions of years in the tiny universe. Perhaps in that one fraction of time for us, entire galaxies and civilizations are born and ponder their own existence and then fade away. Perhaps our own universe and our own big bang are merely the products of a similar experiment happening in another universe. Maybe our entire existence is data to some scientist in another universe.


3 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I’m a fan of the multiverse theory, we have seen through time seen we are not the only planet, with the only sun, in the only galaxy, in the only galaxy cluster, in the visible universe. And if there is one universe, it certainly remains plausible that that may be others.

    I understand you are just speculating, but if the LHC was a mini universe creator, I think someone would have published a paper on it by now… 🙂 It is fun to think about though. Once you delve into the possibilities there are many questions to ask, that haveen’t been answered yet.

    1. I think you would definitely like Krauss’ book. It’s relatively short and he does a really good job explaining the current cosmology in plain english, including why it’s probable that there are other universes, and even how they would have formed during inflation (he uses an analogy about oatmeal that I can’t do justice here to explain the multiverse theory).

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