The evidence conundrum

I was going to write a whole big post on evidence as it relates to science and creationism, but I think that this picture sums it up pretty nicely.



3 thoughts on “The evidence conundrum

  1. I believe you read my blog post about evidence before and I think this goes back to that. The problem is that while you and I agree that Ken Hamm has nothing, Ken Hamm thinks he has evidence. He treats the Bible as evidence. He considers his own experience of spiritual elation as evidence of the divine. And a lot of it hinges on the simple a priori acceptance of the existences of God as a fact. Even though it is a pure act of faith. But however you will God into existence, once he is there you can just start building a logical framework. “Well God exists, so he could be working through those that wrote the Bible, and thus the Bible is truth since it is the word of God.” It’s a nasty chain of reasoning. It usually gets circular as well. Because then some people will say “well since the Bible is the word of God, there must be a God.” Either way it starts at a point of pure faith and not evidence. For many faith is scene as a way of knowing truth. And many simply understand what evidence is.

  2. …and that is what we are up against.

    How does one have a battle of wits with one who has essentially shut there minds down to reason? How does one convince someone with this condition that there are facts that contradict their position when their entire worldview requires them to be experts at rationalizing?

    All we can do is what we do. We use our little places on the web to put reason in the public sphere and hope someone who has that doubt, that curiosity, that desire to seek out knowledge to come across it. If they are having doubts they are walking up to the doors of reason.

    With any luck they can open the door.

    If nothing else it helps us like minded souls to sort our thoughts, share our views, and even inspire each other to new heights. This is why I enjoy the blog thing.

    With any luck we can make a friend or three along the way.

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