Well, this was welcome news!

Well, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised to read just a day after my rant about politics and voting that the senate has moved forward–through a bipartisan effort!–with a proposed constitutional amendment that would render Citizens United null and void. Striking down this ruling would do a lot in restoring the power of the average voter, making the political process less biased, and restoring the principles of our democracy in general. Could it be that our lawmakers actually have come to their senses and realized that corporations aren’t people? Could they–be still my beating heart–actually be doing something in the interest of the American people?! Perhaps there is hope for this country after all…



5 thoughts on “Well, this was welcome news!

  1. Any effort by the ruling party to appease the good people they represent should be greeted with one hand on your wallet and at least one eye on the look out for a knife aimed at your back.

    Also this gem I heard many years ago “don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”

  2. Sadly, as much as I try to be optimistic I tend to agree with Shell. They probably know the outcome already and this is just a show to win votes with the American sheeple. But I’ll still keep a little spark of hope alive. There is just way too much money to be made here that it seems hard to imagine things will change. But stranger things have happened! lol

      1. That’s why we match so well…whenever you’re cynical I tell you to cheer up, and whenever I’m cynical you are optimistic…together we are fair and balanced. lol

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