There was no first human

Excellent video with great explanations!

Why Evolution Is True

From PBS (via Matthew Cobb), and inspired by Richard Dawkins’s The Magic of Reality, we get a short video explaining to non-scientists why there was no first human. Matthew tells me he’s going to show it to his students, and it’s a good didactic tool. Have a look:

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2 thoughts on “There was no first human

  1. From an evolutionary perspective, I totally agree- there was no first human. However, as a creationist, I disagree with the premise (as you can imagine). And I think it’s sad that the guy is going to show this video to students to indoctrinate them further. But I guess that’s what good evolutionary proselytizers do; they want to convert as many students to atheism as possible with tax-payer money and impose their worldview 😉

    Seriously, you have to admit that this video contained no science and was purely propaganda. The narrator acted as a sincere, believable and witty authority figure, urging his viewers to trust and believe his version of history and accept his worldview. He offered no evidence, except for some clever artwork and pictures of monkey’s, lizards and fish, as if we’re just supposed to accept all that without question? And then to learn it was inspired by Richard Dawkins. Wow.

    I can see little Johnny running home to tell his parents, “My 185 millionth generation grandfather was a fish! I know this because my science teacher showed me a picture.” (Bang head against wall now). No wonder we have such science illiteracy in our country. Students are merely being told what to believe without any form of debate or critical thinking.

    1. Technically you don’t have be an atheist to subscribe to evolution. I know a lot of people of faith who don’t see evolution and God as mutually exclusive. Just throwing that out there 😛

      But aside from that, I think that this was purposely “toned down” scientifically if you will precisely so that people with no background in biology, genetics, or anthropology could grasp the concept.

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