Beth Lake hike

It’s been awhile since I posted any of my photos on this blog, so here we go! This fourth of July my Dad and I (and the pooch, of course) went hiking to one of our favorite spots: Beth Lake. It’s a small lake in the Bull of the Woods area of the Mt. Hood national forest. The hike itself is fairly grueling–the lake is located off trail on the other side of a fairly high ridge, so the majority of the hike takes place on a 45-60 degree incline over rough terrain. But the lake itself is totally worth it, as its inaccessibility makes it crystal clear, totally pristine, and stocked with some awesome trout. 

My dog is a goofball
My dog is a goofball
“This is the best day EVER!”
Mt. Hood
Wild Rhododendrons grow like crazy up there.
Beth Lake itself. 4 acres of turquoise beauty!
A final, parting shot of Mt. Hood.


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