My favorite sound

I know it’s going to sound odd, but one of my favorite sounds is gravel under a tire. But I know exactly why it’s one of my favorite sounds. I have a lot of happy, positive memories associated with the crunching of gravel under a car tire. Growing up, my family did a lot of hiking and backpacking. It was something that I really enjoyed and still do to this day. So every time I hear a car on gravel I just get flooded with happy memories, and it makes me want to go hiking. 

How about you, readers? What are some of your favorite sounds?



6 thoughts on “My favorite sound

  1. i don’t have a sound but i have two happy smells. the first is the smell of the garbage truck; i kid you not. my understanding is that as a kid, saturday mornings began bright and early. and as i was hopping and skipping out of my house to some park or playground, the garbage truck would just be leaving the estate, and along with it the sweet-ish smell of rubbish. but i was happy and i felt free, and i think my mind linked those emotions to that smell ever since.

    the other is the smell of popcorn at the cinema. again, it’s got to do with freedom. being able to put aside over 2 hours of one’s time to do just one thing is indeed a great demonstration of the exercise of free will and control over how we spend our time.
    so going to to the movies = my choice = i’m free = REALLY free = WOOHOO!!

    1. Ooh, popcorn is a good one! They say that smell is the sense most closely associated with memory, so it’s not surprising that we associate good memories with bizarre scents. I know I get a flash of happy memories of road trips and family vacations every time I catch a whiff of gasoline.

  2. Gravel roads. Many a memory of my youth associated with gravel roads. My mom is from Iowa, when we (my brother and I) were young we would take a vacation at least once a year to visit family. Family that lived wayyy out on gravel roads. Nuttin like sucking up dust for miles. And watching the enormous cloud trailing behind the car, with the sound of gravel tapping the undercarriage. Watching a pheasant or two or a covey of quail fly across the road.
    Oh, and lots of corn. Corn from hell. It was everywhere.

    …but we also went morel hunting (oh my gosh what I’d give for a plate of grandma’s fried up morels right now), fishing, cherry picking and blackberry picking for grandma’s incredible cobbler.
    A sasparilla at the country store, or a 10c Coke with a 5c bottle return. Damn but I miss gravel roads.

  3. I’d say crickets chirping at night, tadpoles, or frogs. I grew up in the country, and when the windows were open at night in the summer, we’d hear all those sounds, and it was a comforting way to fall asleep. And I still like having my windows open at night to hear the sounds outside while falling asleep.

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