Was there a McDonald’s on the island?!


On the television series Lost, how the hell did this guy manage to stay so fucking fat? One would think that after 8 years of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, eating only coconuts and sweating his balls off everyday, that he might have lost just a little bit of weight.


3 thoughts on “Was there a McDonald’s on the island?!

  1. The logical inconsistencies on TV tend to bring out the worst in me. My wife constantly tells me to take it easy, relax, it is just a movie. I’m like…but he should have picked up the damn gun!! Or double tapped that friggin bad guy, cuz he will be back in a minute causing more trouble. Or the never turn your back on the knocked out guy thing…or I’ll be complaining that every car that hits the ditch does not actually explode into a huge propane fueled orange fireball! Sometimes I think they should hire a logical consistency guy, to help them with the way they do movies.

    I never watched Lost, but you are right after the first 6 months Mr. Big there should have lost 30 lb.

    1. I’m the last person people want to watch horror movies with for precisely the reasons you’re describing. I remember coming out of the first “Saw” movie and just ripping it apart. From that moment on I could’t watch a horror movie without dissecting all of the gaps in logic or inconsistencies.

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