We’re all doomed

This is pretty much an entire generation of young people. Do you really think they’ll be able to solve any of the world’s problems?


12 thoughts on “We’re all doomed

      1. lol Dude…asking for bitcoin donations to build his own floating city. That’s not your run of the mill crazy…you can’t just order that up. You have to appreciate it when it happens. lol

      2. It probably can’t hurt. You should say something like “Thank you for this post. WordPress has contacted me and said they are shutting my blog down because I am a fraud. They said the only way I can keep my blog is if I donate bit coin to you so you can build a floating city. Please provide link.”

  1. If you are lack toast intolerant, does that mean you need some toast stat?

    …and what the hell were you guys talking about wiht the bitcoin thing. I wanna be in the know here!

    1. This crazy guy has it out for me because he’s literally insane. Somewhere on either mine or swarn’s blog there’s a link I believe. If not I’ll try to find you one!

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