Today’s random thought

If you place your own personal possessions over the well-being of another human being, that makes you a terrible person. I don’t care how often you go to church, how many doors you hold open, how many little old ladies you help cross the street, how many girl scout cookies you buy, or how many orphans you teach to read. You’re a rotten person. Deal with it.


8 thoughts on “Today’s random thought

    1. It was another another conversation overhead at work today (although to be fair, I’ve heard this conversation or others like it played out in all sorts of settings). I just get tired of arguments against redistribution of wealth. To me, there really is no moral justification against it. When it comes down to, if you want to keep your money instead of using it to help someone less fortunate receive something like food or healthcare, the motivation is one of greed and selfishness.

      I’m tired of listening to people drone on and on about how “it’s my money” or “nobody has a right to my money” or “I worked hard for my money and the government has no right to take it.” Is that seriously what life is reduced to for these people, money? To listen to some people, you’d think that the only thing to do on this planet is just hoard material objects and then die.

      If you don’t want your money to go toward helping other people, what DO you want it to go toward? Yourself, obviously. That’s the only other option. Who cares who owns what, if the government owns something or if the private citizen owns something. Does that really affect the things that most people claim matter most?

      I hear people all the time talk about the “important things in life” being love, family, friends, laughter, faith. What do any of those have to do with money? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s all enormously hypocritical.

      1. I agree with your Ryan. I also get tired of those arguments as well. It boggles my mind to how people can be blind to the fact that no matter how hard they worked to raise themselves up they were helped by the fact that we live in a tax paying society. Nobody does it completely on their own. And it seems like in a lot of these cases, these people aren’t overly happy, and it seems like taxes is just something they use as an excuse for why they are unhappy. It’s not clear to me that if they had more money from lower taxes that somehow life would be better for them. They are also under an extreme misapprehension about how much extra money they would actually have. They might be surprised how much extra money they end up having to pay for services that the government provides now. People think that corporations never are wasteful or wouldn’t over you charge you for services in the name of the almighty competition in a capitalistic society. This of course is false as there are many companies who don’t have to deal with much competition because they are big enough to control the market and set their own prices. So not only are these people often hypocritical they are also woefully misinformed or uninformed.

      2. You make a ton of excellent points that I definitely agree with. I never understood why people think that business is automatically more efficient than government. Both can extremely wasteful because both of run by human beings, and we’re all subject to fallibility. In fact, it seems kind of ridiculous for them to even make the business argument, considering that for the last 30 years the people who have essentially been running the federal reserve have had business backgrounds.

        People say that business is more efficient because there’s a bottom line for profit, which is motivation for efficiency. But in politics, is not reelection a motivation doing doing things efficiently? If you run your own business you can essentially screw up as many times as you want until your business fails; as a politician, you can be recalled at any moment of your term.

      3. And of course greed can corrupt any business or politician as well. In a perfect world politicians would be altruistic in their desire to serve the people, and businesses/corporations (as people according to the supreme court) would act similarly in order to be a positive member in the community. Which would be to take care of their employees well through pay and benefit. When the goal is to maximize profit however, corporations will often try to give you the minimum of what you need for the maximum they can charge and cut corners wherever they possible can. Whether that be by lower wages, less benefits or taking advantage of tax loopholes. Since politicians cannot be corrupted in this way as they are not a business who is trying to make profit. We have lobbyists instead. Who much of the time are from corporations who help push laws that allow those corporations to continue to make profit and that make it harder for smaller companies to compete. Thus we have the marriage of big business and government in this country. Capitalism simply doesn’t work without some government oversight. So those who want to privatize everything need to realize that we already have corrupt capitalism in this country and without the government at all it’s only going to get worse. At least the government slows down the rate of corporate greed!

    1. Sigh. I can’t help but feel that you’re right. But I’m working on trying to be more optimistic, so I’ll hope for the best but prepare for the worst, I guess…

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