Today’s random thought

Am I the only person who wonders how people 10,000 years ago cut their fingernails and toenails? You never hear anything about things like this in the annals of history.


9 thoughts on “Today’s random thought

  1. And hair, I want to know how they cut hair, soo many unanswered questions about ancient people, and you expect History channel to have it covered, but no they are busy investigating Ancient Aliens..:P

  2. Yeah I would imagine a filing tool, and I agree that a lot of the manual labor would cause the fingernails and toenails to get somewhat ground down naturally as well.

      1. Oh I agree….but considering all the other things that could kill you back then I’m sure it wasn’t their prime concern. Either way we made it as a species…surviving those harsh clipperless years. Lol

      2. Lmao, fair point. This is the kind of minutiae I would use a time machine for. Most people would go see how the pyramids were built or go ask the founding fathers about the second amendment. I’d go back and observe the personal grooming habits of early man 😛

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