And the winner is…idiocy!

Don’t posthumous awards strike you as kind of stupid and pointless? What is a dead person going to do with a plaque or a statue? What use does a dead person have for any sort of recognition? None. Absolutely zero. So why do we give awards to people after they die? If you want to honor a dead person, why not just put some sort of tribute together for those who are still living? But give the award to someone who’s, ya know, still alive and can actually appreciate or savor the recognition. Don’t devalue the work of a living person just because they aren’t dead.


3 thoughts on “And the winner is…idiocy!

  1. I think the award is really for those who are still living. I don’t know if it makes sense to specifically design an award for the purpose of being posthumous but as a professor when I got to graduation I see the value of giving something to a student who has passed on. They give posthumous degrees to students who have tragically died and it sure means a heck of a lot to the parents who go and receive it. Now we can argue about whether this helps our hurts the healing process, but at least from looking at their faces it seems to mean something to them to receive the degree their daughter or son would have earned. Perhaps just a symbol but if the symbol does bring comfort to those still living I have no problem with it. 🙂

    1. A degree is one thing, because any given year any student can obtain one. But something like an Oscar? I like the idea of honoring or paying tribute to a deceased person, but I don’t think you need to give a non-existent person a physical object to do that.

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