Today’s random thought

In the Star Wars universe, why are Wookiees from the planet Kashyyyk? How the hell does one get “Wookiee” from “Kashyyyk?” I realize that Lucas coined the word Wookiee long before the expanded universe created the home planet of Kashyyyk (even though thanks to the awful prequel movies, the planet is now canon). But you’d have to think that whoever thought of the name Kashyyyk for the Wookiee home-world could have thought of something more appropriate. Like…Wookdor. Or Wook Prime. Or Wookania. Or something. Saying that Wookiees are from the planet Kashyyyk is like saying that Fortldorns are from Oregon–it makes zero sense! Oregonian is what makes sense!

And while I’m on the subject, the spelling of all this crap is just one reason why I think Lucas is a horrible storyteller. “Hey, let’s just put three y’s in a row into a word–that’s sounds futurey!” No, Mr Lucas, it sounds stupid. Never mind the fact that Lucas clearly had no idea where these stories were going when he created SW; he just made shit up as he went along, and that’s why SW is riddled with gaping plot holes, nonsequitars, and Jar Jar Binks. In fact, you know what? This has inspired me to create an entire post dedicated to why Star Wars doesn’t live up to the hype. More on this to come.


7 thoughts on “Today’s random thought

  1. This was great Ryan!

    I guess Kashyyyk doesn’t bother me so much. I think there are greater injustices in the Star Wars universe.

    In Star Trek Vulcans are from Vulcan and Romulans are from Romulus. But Klingons are from Kronos. That’s not too far from Wookiees and Kashyyyk. I don’t think the name of their planet is too egregious. Or take humans for example. How do we get humans from earth? Shouldn’t our planet be called humania? Or instead of calling ourselves humans, maybe we should refer to ourselves as earthlings more often. Maybe Wookiees just refer to themselves as Kashyyykians.

    But you’re right that Lucas has become a horrible story teller. No doubt. He did much better when he let Hollywood and others do most of the work for him.

    Can’t wait for your next SW post!

    1. Excellent points lol. The only thing I can think of is that maaaaaaybe Kashyyyk is the phonetic pronunciation of the Wookiee word for their planet. That whole language is just a bunch of garbled whorbles anyway :p

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