A speck in the universe

I was watching a TED talk last night about how scientists search for planets beyond our solar system. It was fascinating, and then the lecturer began to talk about the work that biologists do about how life originates, and how one day biology and astronomy would eventually bridge a gap that would explain whether or not life exists beyond our tiny blue marble. Again, all fascinating stuff. But it was this quote that really stuck with me (and please bear in mind that I’m paraphrasing here):

“Life on earth compared to the rest of the universe might be insignificant in size, but it is significant in time.”

What a wonderful and profound statement. While our size might lack meaning, our endurance certainly does not.


One thought on “A speck in the universe

  1. Nice post… http://bit.ly/p413b1u3d0t (<– pale blue dot)

    Significance is a curious thing isn't it? I saw a scientist on "Through the Wormhole" talking about "Nothing", he was scare to death (you could literally see it in his face). He claims "nothing" is everywhere, sometime "soon", say in a billion years, it will change state and all the matter in the Universe will "fall" into it. Everything is significant, even nothing.

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