Today’s random thought

I don’t get people who think that camouflage is casual wear. You’re not blending into anything at Jamba Juice, you just look stupid.


6 thoughts on “Today’s random thought

  1. Hey! I sorta kinda, maybe resemble that remark. I wear a cap. Been a commercial diver for over 30 years, fighting natures worst, going head to head with strong winds and currents, thunderstorms and even seen a couple tornado’s out there, I have been in the great outdoors a LOT. So, I wear a cap, not to hide a receding hairline, but to shield my eyes from the sun. It is a tool I still use.

    Being the kind of guy I am, I refuse to wear a cap that advertises for Coca Cola, Budweiser, John Deer, Ford, or Chevy etc etc. These companies spend millions of dollars annually for advertising, and they expect me to not to just buy their damned advertising, but to wear it and advertise for them, for free. Ain’t happening. If they want me to advertise for them, they can supply the cap, and pay me a minimal fee for advertising.

    So, I resort to plain old el cheapo camo caps. I understand, that there are camo companies out there with trademark camo styles, but the company logo is not proudly displayed on the cap. It is the best I can do…I do not however wear full camo in public places as a fashion statement, that is ridiculous, though living where I do, I can say you see that a LOT here. This is redneck country.

    1. I can forgive a cap because, as you mentioned, it serves a dual purpose 🙂

      I’m talking about people who wear pants, shirts, and or jackets in varying combinations. I just don’t get it, unless it’s laundry day and all of your other clothing is in the wash. I live in a very modern, liberal city, but I’m surrounded by farm land and redneck country, so we get a lot of people that show up at businesses decked out in Carhartt camo especially. I personally think it’s a weird choice for the urban jungle…

  2. I think some people buy into the persona thing. It is a manner of self identification, with the added plus of being a magnet for like minded individuals, allowing for some form of beer swilling tribalism to take place, where tall tales of hunts and fishing trips ensue.

    Not that I am against going fishing mind you, me and my boys go when we can, but we do not partake of the camo 🙂

    I have to agree, being decked out in camo, in a city, is just odd. Though I do think it is an exercise in some sort of psychology. Heck it could be an identified complex, we aren’t aware of…?

    Even if my regular clothes were in the wash, and all I had was camo, I would wait for the clothes to come out of the dryer before going to town. For the record, the only camo I own is on a cap 😉

  3. I think one of the best *sarcasm* camo statements is the people that wear the fleece camo pajama pants to Wal-Mart or some other public place and they’re a pink version of camo or some other color not even close to your normal camo combos. But I definitely agree with this whole thing. Caps are one thing, but pants and jackets are a bit much.

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