The politics of division

Democrat. Republican. Libertarian. Green party. Red State. Blue state. Conservative. Liberal.

Have you ever noticed how our entire political system is based upon labels? The labels used by our politicians and people of power serve one purpose and one purpose only: to divide us.

Keep us focused on our differences. This side believes that, this side believes the other, etc. If they keep us focused on the things we don’t like about each other,  maybe we won’t notice as they rob this country blind, run it into the ground, and take more and more for themselves.

It’s a common strategy of the ruling class. We think we have a choice in things because we can “vote.” But really, we don’t. We don’t have a choice. The EXACT SAME type of people come up for election over and over and over again: rich people who are backed by other wealthy individuals and corporations. That’s it. You have no choice, only A and B as presented to you by the people who own all the important resources in this country, bribe and lobby politicians and judges, and trick you into spending your entire life slaving away so that they don’t have do.

So I make this plea: abandon the labels. Stop using divisive terminology like “democrat” or “conservative.” Stop labeling yourself. The language says it all, and as long as we keep using such language we’re only ever going to focus on our differences, and everyone in this country will always be someone else’s adversary while CEOs and politicians sip margaritas atop giant piles of cash on their yachts. There are PLENTY of things that everyone in the country has in common. But you never hear about them, because they don’t serve the purposes of the people who own this country and everything in it. So please, next time you hear someone make some blanket statement about this party or that ideology, I challenge you to try and find something in common you have with that person and focus on that. It’s a lot easier than you think it is.


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