Ghosts and bigfoot are not real

There’s a trend on cable networks as of late wherein for some reason there needs to be a hundred different shows dedicated to finding evidence of ghosts or Bigfoot. And they’re all full of crap. Let’s start with ghosts.

There is no such thing as a ghost, I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, folks. Here’s why. According to rough estimates, there have been 108 billion people on this planet during the course of human history. 108 BILLION. Subtract the current world population, and that equals a little over 100 billion dead people. With so many dead people, you’d think we’d be swimming in a literal sea of ghosts. But we aren’t. I’ve never seen a ghost. Nobody that I know has ever seen a ghost. With so many cell phones, traffic cams, etc in the world today not ONE single conclusive piece of evidence exists to verify the existence of ghosts.

“But, Ryan,” you’re saying to yourself right now, “everyone knows, as those TV shows are apt to point out, that ghosts only haunt places when their spirit energy is linked to it, like during a violent or untimely death.” To which I say, again, bullshit. First of all, there’s no such thing as an “untimely death.” You die when you die, it’s as simple as that. You got hit by a car? I guess it was your time to die. Secondly, doesn’t almost every single death have an emotional component to it? Everyone who’s ever died has been someone’s son, mother, brother, wife, lover, etc. And tons of people die accidentally or in a violent manner, so again, why aren’t there ghosts everywhere? But more to the point, their spirit energy is tied to the place? Give me a break. That’s the most ridiculous, asinine thing I’ve ever heard. So when you die, you lose all free will? You have no choice but to be glued to the place where you died? “Well,” you might say, “maybe they just haven’t moved on yet, you know, gotten over their death.” Horse shit. Free from any physical limitations, pesky things like time and space, you’re telling me souls or spirits would choose to haunt some abandoned house or building instead of exploring the vast cosmos? Ghosts aren’t real.

And neither is Bigfoot. Some of the same principles apply here. There literally isn’t a place on the surface of this planet that human beings haven’t been to now. So you’re going to tell me that nobody, anywhere, has ever been able to take a picture or video of Bigfoot? Nobody has ever stumbled upon a corpse? Totally ridiculous. I also find it hard to believe that Bigfoot, like other animals of the forest, hasn’t been spotted in a city yet. Urban growth keeps expanding, decreasing habitat available for animals and increasing the amount of tempting people food/refuse. Bears, mountain lions, deer, wolves–they all venture into the city to eat the delicious leftovers of people. So why not Bigfoot?

If there are any as of yet undiscovered creatures on this planet, they’re at the bottom of the ocean, where no human has explored yet. So enough with these stupid, bullshit, idiotic ghost and Bigfoot shows.


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