Really? Anyone can do it?!

I’ve recently seen a round of commercials that gives me pause. Typically they’re for some local program or institute, like a massage school. I imagine every state in the country has commercials like these. They start off with some average John or Jane Doe sitting in their house saying something like, “I used to work in a fast food place flipping burgers, making minimum wage. I had two kids and I knew I needed to go back to school in order to give them a better life. That’s why I enrolled at (insert name of institution here).”

This is followed with some announcers telling people about all the programs that said institute offers. Then the camera goes back to the man or woman saying, “Now I make good money and I’m my own boss. And it was so easy, all I did was pick up the phone and call!”        

Now the next part is what I don’t get. The announcer almost always says something like, “If she can do it, so can you!” That’s basically the same thing as saying, “Hey, this dumb loser did it. Aren’t you better than this idiot over here?” Why the hell would anyone want to appear in a commercial that was going to use them as the standard for “below average”? That’s beyond me.


2 thoughts on “Really? Anyone can do it?!

  1. hahaha people are turning to machines. i would’ve much preferred zombies, the left 4 dead/dead island kind. oh well…

  2. I’m reminded of an anecdote H. Allen Smith (a writer of humorous books in the mid-20th-Century) recounted in one of his books. His first book had been published, and so he went into a bookstore to see it. As I recall, it was not found in a stacked display, and in fact he had to ask the store owner if he had a copy. The owner got it and went to ring it up, when Smith stopped him. “I don’t want to buy it,” he said. “I’m the author. I just wanted to see it.”

    The owner stared at him in astonishment, then shouted to the back of the store, “Mabel! Come out here!” A woman emerged from the back room while Smith smiled modestly. “Mabel,” the owner said, “I’m going to write a book.”

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