Nuking the fridge? Hardly!

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” gets a lot of flack for being the worst entry in the series, mainly due to the scene where Indy escapes a nuclear blast by stuffing himself in a fridge, and that god awful scene with Shia LaDouche swinging on vines with monkeys (ok, admittedly, that last one has Lucas written ALL over it). But I submit that as a whole, the movie isn’t any worse than any of the other films.

Was the fridge scene really any more ridiculous or far-fetched than that scene in “The Temple of Doom” when Indy et al jump out of an airplane in an inflatable raft and slide halfway down a mountain, only to end up in–suprise!–a river? Or in “The Last Crusade” when Sean Connery takes down a fighter plane with an umbrella and a flock of birds? I think not.

Indiana Jones has always been based on those B-grade radio serials of the 30’s. And I think all four of the movies do a pretty good job of incorporating that aspect–even Indy IV.


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