Seriously? Wtf!

You know what I find really insulting?

When you’re out with a friend or friends, and someone says, “Hey, that guy looks like you did in high school.” Another common variation is, “Hey, that guy looks like you in 10 years.” (Or just, “Hey, that guy looks exactly like you.”) And then they proceed to point to the most butt fugly person in the room/store/bar/etc.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a 10. I’d say I’m more like a solid 8. And that’s fine with me. I own it, and I’m proud of it. But come on, that guy? Really? Aside from being the same height and having the same hair color, we look nothing alike.

From this, I can only draw two possible conclusions. Either, a) my friends all think I’m ugly, or b) my friends don’t really pay attention to what people look like.

Either way, I’d make the point that a comparison isn’t even needed in the first place, which just makes the whole damn thing all the more insulting.


One thought on “Seriously? Wtf!

  1. Here Here! Lordy, I used to get, “Oh you remind me of..” “Are you related to such and such, cause you look so like them” Why can’t people just appreciate a person for who they actually are, and not have to make comparisons.

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