Phrases that make my blood boil, part I

Here are a few sayings that people use that don’t quite sit right with me.

  • It’s not over ‘til it’s over!: This is usually said to denote some sort of perseverance or determination to see something through to the end. But really, it makes no sense. It’s not over ‘til it’s over. Well duh, when else would it end?  This is just a redundant, idiotic statement. We don’t need to be reminded that things aren’t over until they’ve ended.
  • That’s like comparing apples to oranges: This is usually said to indicate that two things being discussed are not comparable or completely different. So? Last time I checked you could compare any one thing to any other thing. And why can’t you compare two different things? In fact, if you think about it, you wouldn’t know that they were two different objects or things unless you had already compared them. But more to the point, why the hell can’t you compare apples to oranges? They’re really not that different upon inspection. In reality, they have more things in common than they do different. They’re both fruit, so in reality they are the same thing, which nullifies the entire expression. But if that’s not enough proof for you: They both grow on trees. They’re both used to produce yummy juice. They’re both round. They contain the same vitamins and minerals. The only things they differ on are physical appearance and taste. Stop using this saying.
  • A flying fuck: On occasion you might hear someone say, “Well who gives a flying fuck?” This would imply that a fuck is an actual object, not a verb. So what exactly does a fuck look like? Do they come in different colors? Shapes? Sizes?   Furthermore, the sentence would imply that fucks can either fly, or that someone or something has hurled one into the air. Also, how does one ‘give’ a flying fuck? Isn’t that what the mile high club is for, giving a flying fuck?

More on this to come…


5 thoughts on “Phrases that make my blood boil, part I

  1. Is fuck really just a verb? Obviously it is not a physical object, there’s no arguing that. But consider how we use language. Fuck is one of the most versatile words in the English language. It has become more than a verb because it’s been used in other ways. That’s how language works, it evolves with use. Fuck may have been only a verb at one point, but now it has so many uses that it hardly seems to have a clear definition anymore.

    Just a thought.

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